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What is Ghost Squawk?

Ghost Squawk began as a programming project attempting to give retail traders an advantage in the markets by providing them with real-time breaking news headlines that are market moving. We started by simply aggregating news sources and presenting them in an easy to digest format. The technology has evolved to include machine learning to create a smarter and more powerful tool that assists individual retail traders with interpreting Risk On / Risk Off elements in various markets. Since then, we have incorporated an educational component from our teaching experience to help new traders learn how to approach trading the markets using tools and strategies developed by large financial institutions.
Ghost Squawk has now transformed into a financial technologies company that includes our AI Chatbot which uses machine learning technology to help institutional/retail traders interpret financial market risks, proprietary technical trading indicators, algorithmic trading solutions and educational content for new traders.

Mission Statement

"Leveraging AI technology to transcend language barriers and democratizing access to financial technology and financial education to people all over the world."


Ghost Squawk AI Chatbot

Trading Ghost Squawk is an AI Chatbot that aggregates and reads breaking news and headlines from various trusted sources relevant to the financial markets. Additionally, it leverages a proprietary machine learning algorithm to provide traders with a metric of risk sentiment in the markets.

Proprietary Technical Indicators

Custom developed trading indicators used to gain an edge with various trading signals in momentum, reversals, divergence, sentiment and other trading strategies. These indicators can be accessed via the TradingView Platform.

Ghost Squawk's Trading Program

Ghost Squawk’s educational program provides new students with a thorough understanding of the financial markets and trading industry. We offer 3-month group programs, weekend bootcamps or private programs covering FX, Equities, Fixed Income, Commodities and Crypto Currency markets.

Trading Community

An open trading community on Discord for traders of all skill levels to join and interact with other like-minded individuals. Ghost Squawk Trading Community is the place for all to learn, share ideas, and foster common interest in financial markets and trading.


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